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Black Hawk Mines: Blackhawk Mines Corp. – Investor Information l Quo...

Black Hawk Mines: Blackhawk Mines Corp. – Investor Information l Quo...: Blackhawk Min...

Blackhawk Mines Corp. – Investor Information l Quora

Blackhawk Mines Corp.
Calle 53, Marbella
World Trade Centre
Commercial Area, 1st Floor
Box: 0832-00155
Panama City, Panama.
Shares of Blackhawk Mines Corp. are currently listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Open Market under the ticker symbol: B06N. The company plans to obtain secondary listings on other exchanges this year to expand market presence and share liquidity.
Effective March 01, 2012 Blackhawk Mines Corp. acquired the assets, and operations of Amazon Gold Ventures Inc. Current shareholders of Amazon Gold Ventures Inc. may exchange their shares for shares of Blackhawk Mines Corp. on a one for one basis.

Black Hawk Mines: Blackhawk Mines Corp B06N:BER l Quora

Black Hawk Mines: Blackhawk Mines Corp B06N:BER l Quora: Blackhawk Mines Corp., formerly Bent...

Blackhawk Mines Corp B06N:BER l Quora

Blackhawk Mines Corp., formerly Bentley Fairview Resources Co. Ltd., is a gold focused exploration and mining development company with additional interests in silver. It is engaged in the process of identifying and qualifying existing independent gold mining operations in Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Its projects include Las Palmeras, Marmajon Project, Marmajito Mining Sector and Big Bear Gold Claims. The Las Palmeras License # 4395 is located in Segovia, Antioquia adjacent to the Frontino Gold Belt reserve. Marmajon Project consists of #5163, # 5570, #6116, #4070 licenses. Marmajito Mining Sector is located in catchment area of work Marmajito underground mine, which operates the mines Naranjos, La Picuda and Las Brisas. Big Bear Claims lie in southwestern San Bernardino County about 30 miles northeast of San Bernardino on the north east side of the San Bernardino Mountains The Big Bear claims covers an area of 1,440 acres, near Lucerne Valley, CA and consists of nine claims.

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Black Hawk Adventures: Military Gear gets Female Version

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Black Hawk Adventures : LL Bean celebrates centennial aniversary

In an attempt to entice families to spend more time outdoors and share their experiences, LL Bean launched their “Million Moment Mission” as their 100th anniversary celebration highlight. For every moment shared to others, Bean pledges to donate a dollar to the National Park Foundation until it reaches a million dollars. According to Bean, the [...]

Military Gear gets Female Version | Black Hawk News – Adventures Guide »

Military Gear gets Female Version

Army engineers of the US military has announced its plans to make a new gear for female soldiers that will provide them with more protection and make them more alert in combat.
In a study made by the US Army it was discovered that the ill-fitting military gear actually interferes with the women’s combat performance, citing examples like difficulty in boarding the vehicles and taking proper aim with their weapons.
This initiative to redesign body armor started in 2009 when women from the 101st Airborne division felt uncomfortable wearing the gear during the war.
“It rubbed on the hips, and the vests were too long in the front, so that when you had female soldiers climbing stairs or climbing up a hill or a tree, or sitting for a long time in a vehicle, that would create pressure points that in some instances could impact blood flow and cause some discomfort,” said Lt. Col. Frank Lozan, who is helping design the body armor.
However, engineers are faced with challenges because making new female body armor will present potential weaknesses on the material. This is because the material of the armor they use will get heavier as you add more curves.
“There are some complex curvatures that come into play with female hard-armor plates. I could make female hard-armor, but it would be twice as heavy,” Lozano said.
They  are now exploring “unique chemical designs” to make lighter but effective plates.
“It became clear to us that there was a difference in torso length. The other point that we realized is that there is a significant difference in shoulder width. I read this data, and it seems so obvious,” says the product manager for the Army’s soldier protective-equipment program.
Black Hawk Adventures reports that they are planning to design a body armor specifically for women with adjustments like narrower shoulders, shorter torso and curves in the hips and chest so they can fit more naturally.
Eight female sizes gears are now being tested by 100 female soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division. In the meantime, female soldiers still have to choose from 11 different sizes of Army-standard body armor.
US military officials recognize that this feat will be an engineering challenge so such armor may take years to make.